Collectable Vintage and Antique Casino Game Tables

Furniture in old casinos was breathtaking. Antique furniture had unique design elements that could be defined according to different periods in history.

There are many collectable old casino game tables gathering dust in old furniture stores, but some people still admire them in their homes, and old furniture can still be found decorating casino floors. Here is a brief guide to some antique and collectable game tables.

The Octagon Poker Table

If you remember the famous painting of dogs playing poker by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, A ‘’Friend in Need’’, you will recognise this beautiful poker table. The old wooden table had uniquely designed corbel feet. What’s more, the playing surface had coasters embedded in the design. The green felt that covered the surface was also used on snooker tables.

Vintage blackjack table

The vintage blackjack table was often made from dark wood and had a clawfoot base. Like most vintage furniture, the table was made from solid wood. The old blackjack tables were much bigger when they were first manufactured.

Victorian Roulette Table

The Victorian roulette table is a perfect example of some of the first designs of this popular casino game. The most striking design features include a silver centre shaft embedded in a wheel made from maple and rosewood. The playing surface is made from oilcloth.

Retro culture has a significant influence on the casino industry. Old-styled table games and slot machines are still popular in modern casinos. Online casinos have also adopted many of these designs for people who are looking for a sense of nostalgia.

Many online casinos still have digital representations of these antique table games and slot machines. Players can get free gifts from BitStarz when they sign up for an account. Even though these old-fashioned designs are becoming a rare sight in brick-and-mortar casinos, people can still find their favourite classic casino games online.