Key Features That Every Online Antique Shop Needs

Selling and buying antiques has never been easier. In the past, it may have been very hard for antique dealers to find buyers, but the online space gives antique enthusiasts limitless access to vintage and antique furniture.

Online antique shops need to include features in their website design to make it easier for customers to find the antique items and furniture they need. Here are some features that every online antique shop should incorporate into its website design.

Filter Features To Browse For Antique Categories

Every website needs a filter tool that makes it possible for buyers to search for furniture and antique items according to a specific category.

The filter function needs to be customised to meet the needs of your buyers. Important filter features to add to the search tool may include price range, year of the antique item, and type of wood, among others. Category-specific features need to be easy to understand.

The Size And Dimensions Of The Furniture

Buyers need to be able to verify the size and dimensions of the antique piece that they are looking at on the website. This is important as the piece may need to fill a designated space in a home or store. The size and dimensions will give customers confidence in their purchase. This will allow the business to deal with fewer returns.

Add External Links and Resources

Add a modern twist to your website by giving antique buyers links to videos and other resources to learn more about the relevant items being displayed on the site. You can also start a YouTube channel to give buyers a brief introduction to your online shop.

The Website Must Offer A Seamless User Experience

There needs to be just the right number of features and categories on the website to prevent confusion. Too much information or options may dissuade antique enthusiasts from making a purchase. Ensure that the category hierarchy is easy to follow.

Online antique stores need to ensure that antique dealers and collectors can find the items that they are looking for with ease. Buyers only need to know the essential details of the antique items that they are looking for on the website.