7 Vintage Home Trends Popular In The 21st Century

It seems that a few vintage styles have become more appealing in recent years due to people resorting to greener and more sustainable ways of designing their homes. Look at the most recent vintage trends in home interior design.

1. Large Light Fixtures

It seems large light fixtures that illuminated large spaces in the 1920s, such as libraries and classrooms, have come back by popular demand. Stores and large homes have incorporated more of these big light fixtures over the years.

2. Caned Furniture

Furniture made from natural materials such as fibre and jute has made a comeback. Cane furniture is often made by hand, and it gives the room a vintage feel.

3. Wallpaper Designs

The classical wall covering is back with a repeating pattern that can be uniquely designed for your home. Botanicals and bold florals are increasingly decorating the walls of postmodern homes.

4. Repurposing Old Furniture

Many people in the 21st century find a good use for old vintage furniture in their homes. An old clothing cabinet can be repurposed and customised to add a decorative touch to your home.

5. Archways At Room Entrances

Archways at the entrance of a room have also become more popular over the years as it adds visual height to a room, making it feel more spacious and inviting. The rounder shapes also give a different appeal than the traditional squared-off doorways.

6. French Mirror Designs

The ornate French-style mirror is probably one of the longest-lived styles of the Victorian era. The unique golden frames are stylish and trending across Europe. People still love these mirrors, even if there are black spots along the edges or dark streaks running through old mirrors.

7. Painted Kitchen Cabinets

There was once a time when kitchen cabinets were painted in a range of colours from bright red to dark green. The traditional English cottage cabinet look is the hot new trend. Some people even go for the vintage coral pink design in their kitchens.

Looking to add a Victorian twist to your living room? There are many old-fashioned interior designs that are making a comeback. Check out more trending vintage styles online if you are interested in reviving some old traditions.